Santa Barbara

by The Writing Season

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released December 20, 2016

Mastered by Jaime Cavazos at 0VU Mastering
Photography by Nazvil Photography
Artwork by Mike Villareal



all rights reserved


The Writing Season Mc Allen, Texas

South TX Pop-Rock

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Track Name: I Was Going Through A Change
I'm sorry it took me so damn long
I know it's been a while since I've spilled my guts to you
everything here has changed, nothing is the same
you know that I could use a drink tonight

Mom, leave the light on
so I can find my room when I get home
I know that things have changed
now you're alone

I'm trying to be myself again,
you wouldn't understand it

I'm never walking out that door
because I don't want to show my face anymore
its scarred from all those lonely nights
and long fights
I wouldn't trade them for the world

I still drive past our old house
the one where we used to meet
with your car out on the street
I hear you whistling through the door

Those memories still haunt me,
like that summer in New York
without you, was simply meaningless
Track Name: Pastry War Hangover
Tell me, do you feel it too?
Don't hold back on the truth
It might seem inappropriate,
forgive my lack of confidence
It's such a shame, you thought it wasn't worth it
I'm sorry things could never be this perfect

Don't follow me home this time
I want to be alone tonight

I found the secret
to my happiness and peace of mind
it's been burning in me all this time

Can't shake this feeling I get
when I wake up in these dirty sheets
and old wrinkled clothes
then let the alcohol seep through my teeth again
as I say:

Like a hangover on Saturday morning,
I'm feeling incomplete
The taste is bittersweet
You know I'm sorry about this
sometimes I just couldn't help it

So emotional
thinking of all those years
you won't be here

Time didn't make it all that better,
still wishing for warmer weather
you and me, not meant to be,
cut me deep and you'll see
I need the beach, my feet buried deep in sand
the sun in my eyes, cleared up the sky

Well I spent the new year
alone in my bed
fireworks didn't wake me up
I've grown so out of touch

Like a hangover on Saturday morning,
I'm feeling incomplete
the taste is bittersweet
Track Name: Another Year Spent Alone
You know I've had time to think about it
and I don't feel the way I used to anymore
With every single year that's come and passed
You'd think I'd learn to let go
Well, I'm slowly starting to

Letting go of you
and everything we knew

I know you've had time to think about it
and you don't feel the way you used to anymore
Don't tell me that you're fine just for the sake of conversation
I know you better than that

and I'll miss waking up to that coffee smell
while I set up the table for you and me
before our last goodbyes are said again
Track Name: 25 Years of Sunday
Did you ever find yourself?
Or those things you were looking for?
You know, I never found my peace
but someday it'll come to me

They call me up
and I say I'm tired
of feeling this week
It's the fourth night in a row I can't sleep
but when I come home
I'll still be alone

Does it make a difference?

I hear you singing down the hallway
I could bet my life today is Sunday
You're in the best of moods
You'd take me out for food

We'd talk of life and death
I'd say what's in my head
of love we've lost
and how far we've come

but when you'd go home
you'd still be alone

Does it make a difference?